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Our Standards

Hygiene and Fruit Safety

This is a priority for us and we take it seriously. 

For over a decade we have met the strict hygiene standards set out for us by Global Gap. 

In addition to this our own rigorous hygiene standards are in place at every step of production. 

Our berries are hand-harvested and this process is meticulous.


Rest assured only the finest of fruit will reach your table. 

Our Certifications


Global G.A.P.

Our fruit is 100% traceable.

We can use our packaging or yours.

We care deeply about the environment.

Our fruit is 100% organic.

We can pack our fruit YOUR way.

We manage the whole process: from field to table.

For us, organic farming is so much more than certification: it is a way of life. We have never farmed another way and we never will. 

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