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´The Mother´

An artisanal process from  orchard to bottle.

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What is Mákemáke blueberry vinegar made of?

Our blueberry vinegar contains 100% certified organic blueberries and nothing else! 

How is our small-batch blueberry vinegar made?

Our vinegar is hand-crafted using an age-old artisanal method. First, our certified berries are crushed to extract the juice. The pure juice is then fermented in oak barrels. Throughout this process the natural sugars are converted to alcohol by natural yeasts. This acetobacter culture then converts the alcohol into acetic acid - the essential component of vinegar. This is a slow and careful process and it takes between six months to a year. In the end, no sugar or alcohol remains, but the colour and flavour of the fruit are preserved and our unique, tart, full-bodied blueberry vinegar is created. 

What makes Mákemáke Vinegar so special?

Most of the fruit vinegars available in shops are the product of infusion. This means the makers of those products are buying ready made wine vinegars and infusing them with fruit flavour. In some cases they are also adding sugar and occasionally artificial flavouring. Our vinegars are made one hundred percent from scratch from pure organic fruit with no added sugars or preservatives. 

What is “The Mother” ?

Our vinegar is raw and unpasteurised. This means that the acetobacter culture that creates our product is still alive inside our vinegars. Healthy acetobacter colonies produce a natural cellulose byproduct that is often called “mother of vinegar”. The mother is full of antioxidants and probiotics. Over time you may begin to see mother forming in your bottle of vinegar, looking something like sediment floating around. This is is not a sign that something is wrong with your vinegar - it is the opposite! The mother is safe to consume and has many health benefits, but if it’s appearance starts to bother you, you may simply strain it out.

How long does Blueberry vinegar last?

Vinegar doesn’t go off! In fact, it often improves with time, mellowing like a fine wine.  Time and oxygen exposure can result in the formation of “the mother”, but as outlined above this is a good thing!  So our vinegar lasts forever and improves with age! 

Making Wine


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A fermented


What are the Health Benefits of Consuming

Mákemáke Organic Blueberry Vinegar?

Blueberries are known as a superfood for good reason.

And our blueberry vinegar is made from 100% organic blueberries.

It has all the goodness of blueberries and more! 


Blueberry vinegar helps the body in the following ways: 



Aids inn weight management and digestion.. Potassium helps to regulate the heartbeat.  The acetic acid lowers triglycerides, which cause fatty plaque along your arteries to build up.


Potassium helps to ensure proper functioning of muscle contractions. Vitamin C supports skin health.  Antioxidants can reduce the signs of ageing. 

Amino acids help support skin regeneration. 


Manganese helps in fat and carb metabolism. Phosporus helps you turn fat, carbs and protein into energy. 


Manganese supports brain and nerve function. Vitamin B6 promotes brain health and recent studies have shown that blueberry vinegar could help dementia and memory loss. 


Calcium and phosphorus are building blocks for healthy bones. and teeth.  Vitamin C is critical in the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth


Potassium and Manganese help to ensure proper health and functioning of the nervous system.


Antioxidants and Vitamin C fight infection and disease, help prevent cell damage. The antiviralanti-yeast and antifungal properties  help  supportimicrobiome and overall immune balance.


Vitamin K and manganese help blood to clot. Manganese helps in blood sugar regulation. Phosphorus balances the pH levels in blood.  Blueberry vinegar is sugar free so is good for diabetes and general health and well being. 


The Mother  is good  for problems such as heartburn and indigestion as it neutralises stomach acid whilst simultaneously the acetic acid present fights harmful gut bacteria.

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Unfiltered &


The Fermentation Process

While the benefits of fresh blueberries are well-recognised — notably as they relate to anti-ageing, blood sugar, heart disease and vision health — recent search suggests that fermented blueberries may be even more potent and beneficial. There have also been studies that demonstrate that fermented blueberry juice and vinegar help with memory loss, cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Polyphenols (also known as phenolics) are phytochemicals, natural plant chemicals with powerful antioxidant properties. Blueberries are full of them.  When fermentation is used to make vinegar from blueberries, the bioactivity of the blueberries may actually be enhanced and the polyphenols better preserved. In addition, the fermentation process used to make blueberry vinegar preserves the flavour and aroma but removes all the fructose (sugar) in the berries. So our vinegar is sugar-free!


Recent Dementia Studies 

Dementia is one of the fastest-growing health problems across the planet with one person developing the disease every 3 seconds. Korean scientists have discovered that the natural compounds found in blueberries are a potential treatment for dementia.  Researcher Beong Ou Lim, from Konkuk University in the Republic of Korea — has demonstrated that fermentation can increase the bioactivity of natural compounds. He writes, “Fermented products, such as vinegar, might act to preserve the phenolic compounds that are easily oxidised during food processing and that are impacted by factors such as maturity, storage, and processing.” With these factors in mind, Lim and his team have been investigating whether or not vinegar made from blueberries might be effective for reducing memory loss and so far the research has been very promising. 

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How is Mákemáke Blueberry Vinegar best used?

Cooking with Mákemáke Organic Blueberry Vinegar provides a tremendous opportunity to add nutrition to your diet while infusing your food with a vibrant tart flavour. It also helps cut down on the fat content in meat dishes.


Our delicious organic blueberry vinegar  can be enjoyed in a varied range of meals. Because it is fermented it offers extra-powerful nutritional value. Blueberry vinegar can be used in exactly the same way as any other vinegar, we also recommend trying it as: 

An immune boosting Digestive Tonic

For a powerful tonic, we suggest drinking a spoonful every morning diluted with water and honey to taste.

A dressing for salad

Mákemáke organic blueberry vinegar also adds an unusual and sophisticated flavour to salad dressings

Try this easy vinaigrette recipe.


Simply mix up: 

1/4 cup of organic blueberry vinegar, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 Tbsp honey, 1Tbsp lemon juice, 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard, Salt and pepper to taste

An alternative to salt

Lower your sodium intake. Replace salt with a splash of blueberry vinegar to improve the flavour of meals.

A sauce flavour infuser

A splash of blueberry vinegar will add an irresistible tangy, zesty punch to any sauce or marinade.

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Outrageously delicious & outrageously good for you! 

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