Ours is a simple story of farming, family and hopes of a better world. We are passionate about growing fruit, and take pride in doing it well. 

We see ourselves as stewards of our land, borrowing it from the generations to come. With this comes great responsibility to nurture it as best we can. To make this happen we choose to farm organically and sustainably.

Experience has taught us that organic farming is all about common sense: Healthy soil will create healthy plants, and healthy plants will create healthy humans.

Rich nutrient-dense soil and a delicate balance of biodiversity is at the heart of what we do. We're constantly innovating. Over the years we've worked hard to get it right. It hasn't  always been easy and yet we wouldn't do it any other way. 

Laughter and positivity play an important part in our

approach to farming. The happiness and well-being of

our farm workers and their families has always been a

priority for us. We´re proud to provide equal

opportunities and long term employment. Our choices

are always ethical. 

We care profoundly about the future of our planet,

and are doing everything in our power to make sure

it is a beautiful one.


If you feel the same as us, please get in touch. 


Alberto, Rebecca and the Makemake Team 

Our Story

Dusk in the orchard.jpeg

The way we work our farm!

Dew on the grass

Our Mission

To grow high quality organic food in a sustainable and ethical way, and to inspire and teach others to do the same.

We are committed to...

Growing delicious and nutritious fruit.

We satisfy, delight and nourish our customers.

Caring for the environment.

We are sustainable and organic, and use our natural resources wisely.

Sharing profits justly.

We create and share value across our food chain.

Alberto García-Huidobro, Makemake Farm

Respecting human rights

We provide equal opportunities for all.

"It didn't take us long to figure out, that it's all about the soil!"  - Alberto

Investing in our communities.

We give back to those who make us possible.

Behaving legally and responsibly.

We are honest, accountable and transparent.

Having fun along the way.

We value happiness.

Worms, Makemake Farm

Why the name Makemake?

When we first moved to the farm,  our children were fascinated by the stars and planets (they still are) and we all spent a great deal of time marvelling at the night skies. They are spectacular here in rural Maule.


We had an application on our Ipad that allowed us to find the names of the planets and stars that we could see. Our children found the dwarf planet Makemake and were delighted with their discovery - they loved the funny name and kept repeating it. They felt like they had discovered it as none of us had heard of it before and they talked about it with anyone who would listen. Actually at that time it had only recently been named by the scientists that really did discover it. 

The children decided that the farm house that we had just finished building would be Casa Makemake and we agreed. The name Makemake held so much joy and promise that we decided to call our farm Makemake too.  We were delighted when we found a Chilean link: the dwarf planet Makemake was named after the god of fertility of Rapa Nui (Easter Island).  As our farm is fertile and teeming with life it all made sense! 

Makemake is pronounced maeki-maeki. Our logo is based on the astrological sign of Makemake. 

We farm today the

way our children can farm tomorrow.