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mákemáke farm

A sustainable family farm in

the Maule Region of Chile

Farming today the way our children can farm tomorrow!

Why choose our fruit?

Well, it makes sense!

We’re experienced family farmers. 

We've been growing, picking and packing our own fruit for over a decade. 


We´re organic fruit experts.

Our fruit and products are in a class of their own.

We´re flexible.

We´re in the business of saying 'yes' and will create the perfect program for you.

We´re easy to talk to. 

We speak English and Spanish. We´re good humoured, direct and transparent. And we always answer the phone!

We´re good people doing the right thing. 

We value long term relationships with like-minded folk. 

We care. Seriously we do. 

We care about our planet and we want to make the people, that grow, sell and eat our blueberries happy. 

What makes our fruit look & taste so great?

Perfect weather conditions. Our summer days are hot and the nights are cool. This dramatic change in temperature sweetens our blue berries and colours them a strikingly-deep midnight blue. It helps to create the perfect apple - crisp on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside. 

Or maybe it´s because our fruit  are growing in rich organic soil, irrigated with pure mountain water and protected by a harmonious web of biodiversity

Or perhaps it´s do with the heart and soul we pour into them....

When can we provide you with fresh berries?

The middle of December until the end of March. 


This can vary slightly depending on the weather.

When can we provide you with frozen berries?


All year round! 

What varieties of blueberry do we have?

Brigita, Brightwell & Tifblue

Why we don't we sell our apples?

The answer is simple: we don't have enough yet. We grow for our own use and share with our local community too. We are also using our apples to create our exquisite apple cider vinegar. 

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