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Our Orchards


Tucked into the wide soft valleys of the verdant Maule region: a fruit growing paradise in the south of Chile, our organic orchards are sheltered by hills dense with native forest. 

Beyond the hills rise the snow-capped Andes providing us with, not only a breathtaking backdrop, but the pure mountain water that we use to irrigate our fruit. 

Teeming with biodiversity our blueberry fields are a hive of activity. Local wildlife including countless species of bird have made their homes in our meadows, forests and streams. 

Thanks to our clean air and distance from the city lights when night falls a chorus of frogs and crickets welcome the clearest of star-studded southern skies. 

We are passionately organic. Why?

Well, organic farming:

  • Produces tastier & more nutritious fruit.

We eat our own fruit and give it to our kids. We want there to be no doubt that it is nutritious. We know, of course, that it tastes better.

  • Supports natural life cycles.

It mimics, sustains and works with living ecological systems.

  • Creates community.

Doing the right thing naturally brings people together.

  • Makes things beautiful.

It creates life, and life in turn, creates beauty.

  • Is sustainable.

We farm today the way our children can farm tomorrow

  • Creates equal life opportunities.

It builds on fair relationships when it comes to life opportunities and shared environments.

  • Improves health for all.

It encourages everything on our planet to thrive.

Put simply, it makes sense. If we we had it our way: all farms would be organic.

apple orchard with blooming apple trees. Apple garden in sunny spring day. Countryside at

Our fruit is a reflection of its environment: pure and organic.

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